Hamilton Police Pipe Band

The Hamilton Police Pipe Band is one of the largest pipe and drums organizations in Canada, with more than 40 active members playing in two competition bands.

The band is affiliated with the city’s police service, but members come from all walks of life. The band also has a strong, successful youth program.



2004 North American Pipe Band Champions, Grade 4
2004 Canadian Pipe Band Champions, Grade 4 & 5


The Grade Four band won the North American Pipe Band Championship on July 31st at the massive (and this year water-logged) Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario.

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Next band performance:
Hamilton Mardi Gras Parade
Hamilton, Ontario
Aug. 7

Want to learn how to play the pipes? Saturday morning beginners program for any age starts this fall in the greater Hamilton area. Contact Don Forgan for details.

Most members of the Grade Four band lined up after winning the North American title in July 2004 at the Glengarry Highland Games, Maxville, Ontario.MAXVILLE – The Hamilton Police Grade Four pipe band won its most significant champsionship to date, the North American Championship held annually at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario.

The band survived a qualifying round played during a steady, heavy downpour on a field already soaked by rains that started Friday evening and did not ease until midday Saturday. After dismantling all the pipes and attempting to dry them in available cars and vans, the band put its instruments back together and competed, in yet more rain, in the Grade 4 finals against nine other bands from Canada and the United States.

Just as the clouds were finally starting to break early Saturday evening, the band – comprised primarily of area teenagers – was announced as the winner. 8th Wing Trenton, the 2003 champions, was second and Windsor Police third.

The games also proved successful for solo players, with two members winning North American titles. Scott Haynes won the Junior Amateur Piobaireachd and his sister Claire won the Grade 2 hornpipe-jig drumming title.

Jacob Pritchett and Jamie Watson also won medals in the drumming competitions, while Claire Smith, Lauren MacPhail and Shona Borysko all had top three performances in solo piping.

The Grade Five band did not compete at Maxville.

News of the band’s accomplishments generated coverage by local broadcasters the Hamilton Spectator.


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