4 Secrets to Copywriting Video Scripts

Does your business use video marketing? Getting in front of the camera and giving face can be an extremely productive way to increase your sales leads and sell more of your product. In an increasingly online world, it lets people see who you are and feel more connected to the person behind the computer program.

Copywriting video scripts helps you stay on point with what you need to say to sell your product. So, they keep you organized and on-point. Let’s look at four tips to help you get it right:

1. Sell juicy benefits

Unlike most sales today, videos are still selling benefits. Whereas in most content marketing we strive to educate a client and thereby convert them into a paying buyer (who doesn’t want to work with an expert?) copywriting video scripts means getting old school.

Start your video by touching on the pain points, and then move into how your product or service is the solution:

“Frustrated with your weight going up and down every week? Pants feeling tight? In my new program, I’ll show you…”

“Struggling to understand finances? Not earning enough to support your family? I will teach you how to budget from A to Z…”

Secrets of Video Copywriting

2. Create some urgency

You shouldn’t try to fake out your audience by creating a false sense of urgency, but do make sure you have a cap on the number of attendees, a special introductory offer, and/or a deadline to sign-up.

Do not pretend, “Oh, wait, one more copy just become available,” as this trick comes off like a bad infomercial. Copywriting sales videos requires you to:

…invite an exclusive group to join your new program

…offer just 10 people a hands-on coaching experience

…welcome your challenges so we can resolve them together

3. Read the copywriting back to yourself

Once you finish copywriting the video script, read it back to yourself. Does it sound:

  • Natural / easy to read
  • Clear what you do
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Like you provide solutions

The more sales-y your video, the shorter it should be. Don’t go over 3 minutes unless you are providing useful information along with your plug for a program. Attention spans are short and you’ll lose most of your viewers if you don’t keep your plug quick.

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4. Put energy into your voice

In copywriting video scripts, you only have a few minutes to make a good impression. Accomplish this by putting lots of spunk and energy into your voice.

Accent a few words in a playful way and act out a little bit of what you’re telling the audience. This will make you easier to listen to. Also, just like a commercial, your takeaways will be more memorable.

The key to copywriting video scripts is to sell one or two major points, but not to overwhelm the listener with too many tips. Here are a few other tidbits that will help you get good at them:

  • Keep your eyes directed at the camera
  • Don’t move your body too much – it’s distracting
  • Opt for good lighting and an interesting background
  • Start and end the video with a plug for your website
  • Make sure it’s very easy to find you with links in the description, etc.

Remember that video is not for everyone. If you find yourself fighting it, don’t do it. Your negative reaction will show through on the film. Practice about 100 times alone if necessary.

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