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CAMBRIDGE – A couple of Claires led the solo competitions at the Cambridge Highland Games on July 17.

Claire Smith won two of three Grade 2 piping contests, as well as a piobaireachd contest. Emma Watson was a medalist on two Grade 2 contests, and Stuart Aumonier was a medalist in a piobaireachd contest. Claire Haynes won both of the Grade 2 drumming competitions. Jacob Pitchett picked up a medal in the Grade 5 drumming solos.

There were no band contests at Cambridge.

HAMILTON – Gordon MacFarlane, a founding member of the Hamilton Police Pipe Band and its first Pipe Major, passed away on July 13th, 2004 in Hamilton.

Gord retired from the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police in 1990 at the rank of Staff Superintendent, completing a distinguished career with both the Police Service and the Pipe Band.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gord’s wife, Joyce, as well as his daughters Susan, Nancy and Laura.

Funeral services will be held at Cresmount Funeral Home, 322 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

CHATHAM – The Grade 4 band made it five successive wins in competition this year, by taking top spot as well as best drum corps honours at the Tartan Sertoma Highland Games in Chatham, Ontario on July 10.

The band finished ahead of Kingston, Ontario’s Rob Roy and Springfield, Ill.’s St. Andrew’s.

In solos, drummers Claire Haynes and Jamie Watson traded off 1-2 finishes in the Grade 2 contests. Jennifer Borysko won the Amateur Flourishing Tenor. In piping, Scott Haynes and Claire Smith won their piobaireachd contests, while Mitch Taylor also medalled in Grade 2 piping. In Grade 3, Shona Borysko took gold in the S/R while Nathaniel Trotter also medalled.

There was no Grade Five band competition at Chatham.

KINCARDINE – Both the Grade 4 and 5 bands won their contests July 3 at the Kincardine Scottish Festival.

The Grade 4 made it four wins in succession this year, receiving top marks in all categories and finishing ahead of the hometown Penetangore band and Windsor Police.

The Grade Five band won for the third time in a row, finishing ahead of Guelph and Grand Celtic.

In solos, drummers Claire Haynes and Jamie Watson finished 1-2 in the Grade 2 contests. Jacob Pritchett was 2nd in Grade five drumming and band instructor Ian Madeiros was second in the Open MSR. Jennifer Borysko won the Amateur Flourishing Tenor.

In piping, Scott Haynes won the Junior Amateur Piobaireachd contest. In Grade 2 piping, Mitch Taylor picked up a silver, and both Claire Smith and Emma Watson picked up bronze medals.

EMBRO – Members of the Hamilton Police bands had a good Canada Day in solo competitions at the Embro Highland Games, near London, Ontario.

Drummers Claire Haynes and Jamie Watson finished 1-2 in the Grade 2 contests, while Amy Borysko won the Grade 4 drum solo contest.

In piping, Mitch Taylor and Scott Haynes both won solo Grade 2 contests while Haynes also won a piobaireachd contest. Claire Smith also won medals in the solo contests.

Neither band competed as bands at Embro. The bulk of the members of the Grade four and five bands made what has become an annual appearance at the Canada Day parade in Caledonia, near Hamilton.

ANCASTER – The Hamilton Police Pipe Bands had a tremendous day in the circles at the Canadian Pipe Band Championships, held at a new venue in nearby Ancaster, Ontario.

The Grade Four band successfully defended its 2003 title, won at Fort Erie, topping a field of 12 bands. The Grade Five band topped six other bands to win its contest.

In drum solo competitions, Claire Haynes won both Grade 2 contests, while another snare line member, Jamie Watson, finished a close second in each. Another drum line member, Amy Borysko, was second in Grade 4. Jacob Pritchett was third in Grade 5 drumming. Jennifer Borysko won the Amateur Flourishing Tenor.

Many pipers struggled with the early morning chill and winds, but a few managed to get their fingers working and pulled off wins or medals. Scott Haynes and Mitch Taylor won their piobaireachd contests, while Taylor also picked up gold in the Grade 2 jig. Claire Smith was 3rd in both the jig and march. Shona Borysko won the Grade 3 march and was 3rd in the S/R. Lauren MacPhail was second in the S/R.

GEORGETOWN – The Hamilton Police Grade Four got off to a successful start in the highland games season, winning top placings across the board in taking the Grade Four title at Georgetown on June 12th, finishing ahead of 8th Wing Trenton and Braemar.

In solo competitions, drummers Jamie Watson and Claire Haynes each won Grade 2 contests. Claire Smith won a Grade 2 solo piping gold while Nathaniel Trotter took the novice piobaireachd and Claire Smith the intermediate.

Meanwhile, members of the Grade four and five bands also performed in Hamilton at the annual International Tattoo.

HANOVER – Both the Hamilton Police Grade Four and Five bands won their competitions at the 10th annual Hanover Indoor Games on April 24.

The event, featuring “mini-bands” with a maximum eight pipers, was the first of the new year for Ontario bands. Pipers Claire Smith and Mitch Taylor were 1 and 2 in the Grade 2 piping solos, while Amy Borysko placed second in Grade 4 solo drumming.

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HAMILTON – Jamie Watson won the Grade Two competition at the annual Agnew-Harrison solo drumming contest staged March 13 by the Hamilton branch of the PPBSO.  Claire Haynes, also of Hamilton Police, was second. Mitch McKay of Peel Regional Police won the Grade 1 contest and Craig Stewart of Toronto Police won the professional competition over an international field.

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