Pashmina Enhances Your Attire in so Many Ways!

fashion pashmina

Pashminas have always been a trend among women because it shows class and style at the same time. However, a pashmina has its own essence. It goes with perfectly with every apparel you adorn.

However, figuring out which color will go with what purpose or how you should wear it depending on the situation also work to your benefit. There are a few tricks and tips you must keep in mind.

Choose the right pashmina

The range of collection is huge. You can get in various colors and sizes. So, pick a gorgeous pashmina depending on the occasion. Secondly, you must style it right.

If you want one for an evening attire, you should always go for the long ones. They look perfect for parties or operas because a longer pashmina looks elegant as well as sophisticated.

However, to look real classy, pick those handmade ones featuring brilliant designs. You can also select one that’s painted with pashmina dyes; these are really unique in style. So, you can be rest assured that no other person in the party will have the one as yours.

To spice up your attire further, choose the 100% pure pashmina fabric and pair it with beautiful accessories. The quality of the drape will speak for itself as you will wander around the hall.

Style it the right way

Now comes the styling sense! How you should wear it just to bring out the right effect!

  • Suppose you are going out for a party in the evening and you want to pair your attire with a pashmina. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck and just keep it loose, with the ends hanging in the back casually.
  • There’s another way you can wear it. You can do this exact same thing in a loop such as both those ends will be in your front or you can keep one of its ends at the back and other upfront.

The first style is more perfect if you are planning to put on a dress, be it short or long. And, the later design is more apt for jeans and other daily attires.

  • You can try out another way to style your clothing with any pashminas. Just wear it around your neck and let the ends hang loosely in front or you can toss either end over the other shoulder in order it to have a good grip around your neck.
  • But, if you have a long neck and you want a subtle look, go for a rosette. How to do that?

Firstly, place that pashmina around your neck and let those loose ends fall in front. Then, twist either end with the other like a rope and keep on doing the same until the drape starts doubling back itself and it moves closer to your neck, settling a bit away from the center. When the entire fabric is used up, just tuck the ends within the rosette. And, that’s done! This style looks lovely on long necks.

There it is! You have all ideas concerning styles, variations, and how to wear a pashmina depending on different occasions. Now, it’s time for you to pick the perfect pashmina and wear it with grace!


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